Flash: ON   December 11, 2017 
Our Faith Statement
A Living Faith Statement of West Clinton Mennonite Church

We believe that God sent his son Jesus to live on earth. Jesus sacrificed His life through death as God’s expression of unconditional love. Jesus lives again to save all who accept His gift of eternal life. Jesus’ life was lived as our example, teaching us how to relate to God and to one another. We believe that because of God’s forgiveness to all we are to extend grace to all people. We are made aware of God’s desire for a relationship with us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. God’s Word, the Bible, is given to us as a guide for daily living. We believe that by living and growing in God’s love we are enabled by His Spirit to share His love, peace, and justice with all.

Our goal is to live a life that reflects the God we serve. We are a faith community experiencing the fullness of life that comes from a relationship with the living God. We praise and worship God in every aspect of our lives, and we invite others to join in the excitement and joy of living in Christ’s love. We share God’s love, grace, and mercy through our unconditional love for everyone. We are open to questions and doubts. We provide a safe place to listen carefully to each other. We pray for each other, and value each person as vital to the kingdom of God. We are committed to live a life of peace and seek justice in ways that build relationships.
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